Hire a Limousine for These 5 Limo Scenes

Let’s admit it – we all want to be treated like Very Important People at least once in our lives. The feel and excitement of being treated like a star is sometimes too good to pass up. These 5 events will make you want to hire a limousine for they are limo-worthy scenes.

Perth Stretch Limousine

Check these out:

  1. Prom Night

It’s quite common these days that teens who celebrate prom night want to arrive in school in style. What could be a more glamourous style than arriving in a stretch limo? Either you go with your date or with a group of other paired friends, hiring a stretch is quite scene-stealer. Think of the memories you and your prom date or dates will have in that once-in-a-lifetime experience. So take lots of pictures inside, outside, while getting on and off your brand spanking new limousine.

  1. It’s your Special Night

You get to have a birthday only once a year and for girls, being a debutante comes once in their lifetime. So why not arrive at the reception of this special day in a limousine? Your ride will be the talk of the town whatever street it passes. Imagine yourself on your birthday, riding a limousine with the sun roof out, standing with your head out looking at all the admiring faces on the street. Wave as much as you can for this will only happen one exciting time.

  1. The “I Do” Moment

For both the bride and groom, the wedding day will be the most memorable one. They want to stand out from the rest. It’s not too extravagant to get a limo for the bride to arrive in and the newlywed couple to leave the church. It’s like a scene direct from Hollywood.

  1. Coming home to your Reunion

Lavish Limousine PerthAh school reunions! Reminding us that we are actually getting older and that we were young once. Some of our most cherished memories happened in school and those memories need to be revived with friends. So come to your reunion on a limousine with your college sorority girls or with the debate team! The ride makes your homecoming even more unforgettable right from your arrival.

  1. A Fashion Statement for a Fashion Show

Not all of us get to be invited to those glamourous shows during fashion week. One of the most exciting series of events is the Australian Fashion Week. Imagine yourself being invited to Steven Khalil’s new collection with his new designs. It wouldn’t bode well if you come via taxi with your friends. So go the distance and come in true Aussie flare with a limo.

It’s not always we can dream big. And if it’s a different kind of big, why not go further just this once. These events are star-studded in their own ways so hire a limousine and feel like a star. Be comfortable knowing you won’t have to do the driving and all you can think about doing is becoming as star even for just a moment.

Party Bus Hire – The best Way to Have Fun at a cheaper rate!

Melbourne Party Bus HireA party bus hire administration offers an immaculate opportunity for the party-goers to go in an expensive party to proceed with their fervor and fun whilst going between party destinations.

Getting ready for a party at a far place from your home and no vehicle to go? Party bus hire services is the best solution to address the issue. You can hire the party bus, when you are going for a long voyage and have an extensive number of individuals in the party. In some cases it happens that individuals subsequent to drinking too much in the party, go for driving and may cause accidents. You can prevent these accidents and make the most of your party in a full temperament without being pestered for anything.

When contrasted with different vehicles services, party bus hire service may cost you less when there are many individuals in the party. This consequently makes your budget moderate. As the rent for the party bus gets split, the transportation expenses stand next to nothing and you may focus more on different expenditures. Since there is a colossal rivalry in the market, one can undoubtedly get the best transport administration and party bus hire for their trips. Because of this one can likewise get the choice for comparing and discovering the reasonable party transport as indicated by their prerequisite.

Security is of most extreme significance and thus it is proposed to abstain from driving subsequent to liquor consumption. Therefore, hire a party bus to enjoy the party securely. This makes the party mode free from enjoy and you can savor without being stressed over anything. Plus, in the event that you enlist the vehicle from a presumed transport organization, you are thoroughly free from stresses. Your well-being is in your hands and that is the reason you ought to try to check the status of the transport before beginning the journey.

Party Bus Hire in MelbourneParty bus hire services will guarantee that you and other party individuals take the most extreme satisfaction in the excursion. With all the fundamental conveniences in the transport, you can enjoy the party to your full degree without being agonized over anything. Going in a gathering in one transport, you can enjoy a ton and you will reach your destination at securely. When you are in a temperament to run for a party with your companions or relatives it would be an incredible thought to opt for party bus hire. This sort of transport will enable you to make the most of your party with your friends securely.

Enlisting a party bus goes for giving you a tension free and a safe party. From all viewpoints it would be advantageous for you to decide on part bus hire to enjoy your party securely and as you please.

Looking for a limo instead? check out our post on limousine hire in Melbourne!

Limo Hire Melbourne – Experience a Limo in Melbourne

limo hire morningtonA limousine is a large, luxurious and expensive automobile. Usually, a limousine is driven by a chauffeur. There are a lot of limousine companies that you can rent from in Melbourne, and they give excellent services to their clients.

Experience the most amazing and fantastic experience you could ever have. Grab the chance of having a spectacular memory that would last a lifetime. Invite your friends and roam around the incredible beauty of the city in Melbourne using a special transportation. You should experience riding a limo on the most beautiful day of life, your wedding. Pick your date in a limo and bring her to prom. By experiencing riding a limo in Melbourne, there will be a lot of things you can do and create incredible memories.

Limos in Melbourne

There are plenty of numbers of Limousine Hire Melbourne companies to choose from although Limo Hire Mornington has one of the best ranges of service in Melbourne. Limos in Melbourne come with different style and colors. It will serve you comfort and luxurious feeling while riding the limo. Their services include limo for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and other major events. So if you are planning to hire a limo in Melbourne, then you just have to choose carefully.

When you are looking for Limos, don’t just go for its affordability. It is best to choose and consider the company that has quality services it can give you. Find a limo hire service that would exceed your expectations in servicing their customers in that way you can enjoy your ride to the fullest. Choose a company that is known for their reputation for being one of the best limo hire company in Melbourne.

Types of Limo

Limousines come with the different form, style, and types. For you to be able to decide and choose a dream limo you want then take a time to read this so you will have some ideas. These are just some of the types of a limousine that you ought to experience riding.

• Classic Limo – do you like something like old fashioned? A classic limo is perfect for you then.
• Hummer Limo – It accommodates a much higher number of people. It also gives luxuries like other limousines, but it is much bigger and enough for a person to stand up. So for party goers, this is for you. The inside is usually provided with latest technologies and modern amenities.
• Lincoln Limo – this one is also a class and another luxury car. This limo is usually famous for some special events such as weddings, anniversaries, for dates and any corporate events
• Party Bus – now this one is quite popular for party lovers. This usually used for children s’ parties and very ideal for travel. Inside has a restroom, and it is big enough for you to walk around.
• Sedan Limo – Sedan limo would be the smallest limo among the other limos and not only that Sedan limo is also the cheapest one you can rent. So if for much affordable one then try this.
• Stretch limo – this is just similar to sedan limo but much longer. Around ten people can fit in this limo.

Now you have some ideas about limos. All you have to do now is to decide which one would fit the occasion and experience you desire. If you would like more information about Hummer limousines check out our post, Stylish Stretch limo Hire at its finest By following the link.

Stylish Stretch Limo Hire at its finest in Melbourne Australia.

All though limousines are not categorically Sports Cars let alone Super Sports Cars they do still bring a scene of excitement to the people who present themselves as passengers in these road ridden stretched out cars.

Pink Stretch hummer Limousines with bride for the weddingLimousines have been around for a great deal of time now but its not every day that you see a limo designed in a way to break out from the crowd, so to speak.

There is however one such company that i have had the decency to try out myself which provides the users with such experience. These guys don’t have your average chauffeur driven cars. Instead they poses monster limousines in the form of super stretch hummer limousines, some even being Triple Hummer Limousine.

When i traveled over the ocean to place not so far from here i managed to visit this Hummer Hire Melbourne company who blew my mind with there excessively Pink Hummer Limousine!

This thing had laser lights that strobe to the music, the floor would pulse to the sound from the speakers and there was enough room to have a party all while traveling down the busy Melbourne Streets.

Not only that but we got a free bottle of wine when we turned up. Usually it was only reserved to anyone going for there award wining winery tours service but luckily for us we seemed to hit the jackpot that day.

Here is a video from the owner that shows the hummer limo that we managed to get in.

Warning, this limousine is PINK PINK PINK.


As you can see if you watched the video, there was no nice a quiet luxury travel here. This puppy was all about being loud and proud and hitting the party locations all night!

They also had a couple other limousines to cater to the tame type but we decided that we would go full hardcore like we do with our sports cars.

So next time your thinking about slamming a party with some mates or hitting the concerts next season, remember.

Getting a limousine hire is not always a bad choice. With services like the one above you can start the party early and leave the party late knowing you’ve had a safe and secure ride.

Leave the Sports cars alone until the morning 🙂

Encase your having withdrawals from your sports car reading here is a picture of something nice!



Audi and My Dream Car

audiWith more weird and waked wheels out there every day on the streets of the world i thought i would start my post with this little gem!

How about that right! How many heads do you think you could turn if you pulled up to  a special event with this slick looking Audi.

Audi has made some stunner cars in the past and is set to be one of the most trusted European car manufacturers in a poll conducted right here on Australian soil.

I know growing up i always wanted myself an Audi with the smooth curves and the way the wheels just fit in the arch’s. Audi was my Lamborghini.

But are they the best in the business as the poll would suggest? Or are we all just driven to want what looks and feels the best?

I don’t know the answer to these questions but i do know that if i ever get the chance to go for a spin in something as stylish as the Audi up above then there will be no stopping me.


Audi car

Audi has some stunning yet confusing looking cars in prototype that shows just how cutting edge this company really is and what kind of technologies they are looking towards in the future.

There has even been a few videos leaked about an Audi that hovers over the ground! Now that is the kind of transport I would love to see breaking into the Automotive Marketplace but really how far away are these kinds of technologies and do we really stand much of a chance in seeing them before we inevitably block every road from here to Timbuktu!

All I know is my favorite Audi is the R8 with its endless beauty. Just the sight of the thing makes me all gingerly inside. When I think of a dream car its not a Ferrari, its not even a Lambo, there is no Maserati no. There is a well prices super car that says yes, I am as fast as I look and Yes i can actually be driven on the road. An R8 will forever be in my dreams.

So if you know more about these so called Audi hovering prototypes let the crew at Super Sports Car World know so we can share it with the world!

Thanks for reading my post, leave us a comment and let us know more about what you want to hear about from SSCW so we can bring a better reading experience for years to come.

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